Cesar Vallejo’s Season in Hell (English edition)

Paperback – April 25, 2015

by Eduardo Gonzalez Viaña (Author)

A paid assassin was waiting for César Vallejo in the prison of Trujillo, Peru. The poet was incarcerated from November 1920 to March 1921. He had been falsely accused of a terrorist attack. The judge extracted false confessions under torture. With all those elements against him, Vallejo faced a long-term sentence in a prison where the inmates were driven insane or were killed under suspicious circumstances His imprisonment was an attempt of intimidation and punishment against a generation who saw in socialism the only solution against the perversity of power in their country. Cesar Vallejo’s Season in Hell narrates the youth of Cesar Vallejo, one of the most important authors of poetry in the 20th century. A team of professors led by the great Peruvianist Stephen M. Hart has realized this splendid English version. Eduardo Gonzalez Viaña is the author of this biographical novel which reveals secrets hidden for one century. This book is indispensable to understand Vallejo’s poetry and, likewise, is unforgettable. Cesar Vallejo’s Season in Hell immediately takes its place among the best of the genre and is unlikely that it will be surpassed in elegance, incisiveness, and originality in this century. Javier Junceda, Universidad Internacional de Cataluña, Spain.


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